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A complete guide to indipendently master Google Avertsing Solutions.

Live Advice

My base is in Osimo, Center of Italy, so the cost per day doesn not include the expenses of the trip, that will allow me to meet you in person.

Remote Consulting (always on)

Thanks to remote consulting you significantly reduce my travel time around the world and therefore the costs you have to face.

Live Consulting (always on / temporary contract)

I live in Osimo, Center of Italy, so let's talk to understand your needs, before to meet in person.

It starts with an analysis of the existing account/s, to move on to the setting phase and the start of the campaigns. It all depends on the complexity and commitment that the individual project requires.

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Digital Courses

I can create a personalized course to make you independent on operational activities. The cost depends on the duration of the course, which are the topics and the time required.

Remote Consulting (one time)

Thanks to an online consultation you can reduce costs and in about 2 hours you can learn and solve any doubts.

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via Guasino 5A, Osimo, Ancona

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